alone and angry:

Being Pissed-Off and Being In-Love


Being in love is supposed to feel good.  However, it doesn’t always.  Some people make the mistake of thinking that love must hurt to be genuine.  Others make the opposite mistake that love must always feel good to be true love.


True love is not only about how you feel or about what each person does to and for the other.  Love is about attitudes, actions, and results.  One of Sigmund Freud’s earliest disciples in psychiatry said that loving someone is regarding that person as equally important to you as yourself.


Sometimes, however, loving another person takes so much energy that there’s nothing left; and the person doing the loving is left with nothing for him, herself, or anyone else they care for.  If every discussion becomes an argument or every day is a struggle that takes energy away from the people in love, eventually, they may choose to let it go and walk away.


So, you wonder, “Why is love so difficult?”


We live in a tough world.  Every aspect of our lives demands from us.  We must daily face a world with its serious demands and act as if our personal lives are perfectly okay and need for nothing.


Many try to live by old rules of honor and company loyalty.  The belief is that if you lose your family, at least you still have your job.  However, the boss, on any day, can hand you your walking papers no matter how loyally you service because the company’s loyalty is to its stockholders, who trade shares like kids trade animae cards, not to its employees.  So who is loyal to you, work or family?


If you feel that work, your family, or both are a relentless struggle, you may be expressing your need through some form of anger.  Don’t settle for a band aide.  Coping skills are a defensive reaction.  Management may control the problem but doesn’t fix it.  Resolving fixes the problem so there is no need for coping skills and there is nothing to manage so you can live with vigor and passion.


Experience living with freedom, passion, and energy with help that will change your life.  It’s not a magic formula, just practical skills that you can definitely help you improve your life.


Call (661) 364-9123, today, and talk with a professional Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and Life Coach about how you can stop being angry and start living in freedom and with passion.  Your information is confidential and we are court-approved inKernCounty.  But don’t wait for a judge to order you to take anger management.  Call, now, and find out how you can save yourself the pain and loss of losing the things that really matter to you.  Call (661) 364-9123, now.

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Do You Need Your Anger?


Are you one of those people who must keep your anger bottled up or else someone is going to make you pay?  Before long, you can’t take it anymore and erupt.  After that, you are left feeling sorry, hopeless, or always grumpy because no one really seems to want to help you.  It’s a lonely life when you’re angry.


But anger is not the problem; it is a result of it.  Anger is a secondary emotion.  It’s a developed response to something you feel that happens so fast you don’t even recognize what it is that you feel before you get mad.  But your first feeling is usually associated with some kind of pain.  For angry people, getting mad feels better than the pain that causes it.


After a while, your anger starts to build its own pain.  Police, judges, lawyers, spouses, your “ex” can all seem to have the idea that if you get mad you’re going to be sorry.  And what does that really do?  It only makes you feel angrier because it means fewer people seem to care what you feel at all.


You see, many anger programs teach that you must live with your pain and can blame you for being angry.  When stressful events come into your life, and you know they will, this only makes your life worse because you still have no control, leaving you no freedom, and amplifying your pain and frustration.


Maybe you’ve tried to drink, or smoke, or drug your anger away.  Maybe you’ve even tried to eat it away or even pray it away.  Maybe you’ve moved around looking for that town, that group, that place where people will let you be you, where “You’re okay.”


That place can really exist.  You can build it and I can show you how.


It all starts with a special method that I call Anger Resolution Coaching.


Anger Resolution Coaching (ARC) isn’t psychoanalysis.  It isn’t hypnosis.  It’s you becoming the expert on your own anger to fix the cause of triggers and behavior patterns that work against you.  ARC empowers you to stop being a victim and start being the winner you were meant to be.


It’s time for a breakthrough.  You want to be happy and you deserve to.  You need to get to the source of your anger and resolve it.  Discover how ARC builds you up to do just that.


Programs are approved for court-ordered anger management inKernCounty, CA. and are also affordable.  Insurance is not necessary.


Call (661) 364-9123 and enroll in Anger Resolution Coaching.  Gain control of your life and you future, starting, today.  Call (661) 364-9123, today.  Make your appointment with your freedom.

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